The major function of dress is probably to provide warmth and protection. Other basic functions of dress include identifying the wearer (by providing information about sex, age, occupation, or other characteristics) and making the wearer appear more attractive.

A ball gown or gowns generally however are usually worn to a ball, formal event, red carpets, or weddings. Most versions are cut off the shoulder with a low décolletage, exposed arms, and long bouffant styled skirts. Gowns are typically worn with a stole (a formal shawl in expensive fabric), cape, couture or vintage jewelry. Where “state decorations” are to be worn, they are on a bow pinned to the chest, and married women wear a tiara if they have one.

The colour “Red” is our main focus today. Red…..been a powerful colour has been the center of focus for celebrities, wedding guests and event lovers. Although artificial fabrics are now sometimes used, the most common fabrics are satin, silk, taffeta and velvet with trimmings of lace, pearls, sequins, embroidery, ruffles, ribbons, rosettes and ruching.




Karah Adu

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