The basic stage for a startup founder is the identification of a certain problem in the society, and the moment of an idea, that can fix those issues.

Startup founder

However, no matter how motivated and inspired you are to push these ideas, this emotional state of boosted motivation doesn’t often last indefinitely.

To follow your idea from the ideation stage to execution, you need to stay focused and committed most of the time.

When situations seem hopeless, funding sources blocked, regulations and laws look unfavorable, you still have to persist.

To help you through this stage, here are three tips to stay focused through the labour toward the success of your startup:


  1. Share Your Startup Goals With Your Friends, Colleagues, and Family

After conceiving an idea that might positively change the way things are done, the next step, if you want to keep it serious, is to share it with the people you are close with. 

Rani Langer, Co-founder of Uptima Business Bootcamp listed some benefits of sharing your business goals to include; it helps to reduce blind spots and biases, and it opens you up to people who have similar ideas but are probably too busy to take risks.

As Rani explains in his Medium article,  if you wait to get the idea out there until you have the perfect messaging, brand, website, or solution, you miss the opportunities to get critical feedback to make sure you are on the right track.”

Asides from the fact that, they might be willing to fund some part of your ideas since they can already vouch for you.

When you tell people what you intend to do, the fear of failing on your promise serves as a powerful motivating factor.


  1. Write Down Your Goals

When you write down your goals, the desire to achieve them can be used as an internal source of motivation.

Author Amanda Filippelli in her book on how we can optimize our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being explains the importance of writing down goals using her personal life as an example. 

“Writing down your goals and then reviewing and updating them every so often can also calm some of the internal chaos you might be feeling.”

You can either write these goals and commitments and put them somewhere visible (i.e. your work desk). This simple action in most cases helps you hold yourself accountable.

  1. Leave Some Time For The Tasks You Like

Once you have successfully moved from the ideation to execution stage, and your startup is now a real business, you find yourself spending more time in less inspiring activities.

At the early stage of your business, you will have to deal with legal and accounting tasks, repetitive operational duties, and even administrative duties.

Although all of these duties are unavoidable, if you want to be disciplined and focused as a startup founder, you must love your job.

One way to do this is to invest some of your time daily or weekly in activities that you enjoy doing. 

Working on your startup is not always an easy job. It will come simple when you are inspired, but what happens when the inspiration is not there?

You can make things easier by employing some of the tips above.


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