“Specialized in building confidence in women through uber-stylish RTW clothing.”

Today’s EM business feature is Kico Fashion, an ankara women’s clothing store that aims to build confidence in women through their wide range of uber-stylish RTW clothing. The major point of interest is how this brand has successfully used local fabrics to create amazing fashion pieces that stand out from others.

With their wide range of creatively crafted fashion pieces ranging from shirt dresses, skirts, fitted dresses, tops and pants, limited designs and even bestsellers, Kico Fashion is changing the narrative of locally made fabrics in the world of modern fashion.

Launched in March 2020, they have consistently turned out only the best pieces of female clothing. From collections that bring the simple but edgy and easy to wear versatile pieces at very affordable prices, to those that help you fill-up the atmosphere with the boss chic energy you need, all of these designs give you the option to either go extra or keep it simple.

EM Small Business to Watch - Kico Fashion 1

At Kico, every fabric used in production is carefully selected to suit each of the designs we present.” This serves as proof of the quality of fabric and designs you get when you shop from Kico.

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