As we end the first month in 2022, we are making some bold predictions. These are Fashion trends we expect to go viral. We anticipate that they will flood the social media pages of your favourite fashion influencers.

PLISSE – Plisse pleats was created by Issey Miyake in 90’s. It was beautiful then and it still is now. Plisse pleats fabric looks expensive and yet feels comfortable. A plisse pleats dress will have you feeling like the Lady of the Manor.

4 Fashion Trends That Will Go Viral In 2022 1

Cutouts- This year we are showing skin. This trend has been around for a while, but this year we expect the Cutouts to get bolder and bigger.

Fashion Trends

Voluminous Silhouettes –the theme for 2022 is go big or go home. Fitted clothes are out and clothes with big and roomy outlines are in. Examples of clothes with roomy outlines are tops with puff sleeves.

4 Fashion Trends That Will Go Viral In 2022 2

Bra/Crop Tops – These are part of the 2000’s (Y2K) resurgence we are experiencing in fashion. A lot of fashion trends of the Y2K are coming back. Think Christina Aguilera in that bra top for her Dirty music video.

Fashion Trends 2022

Is there any of these trends in your wardrobe already? Or they are completely new to you? Which of these trends will you try? Drop a comment, let us know.

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