A proud Lagosian hailing from EPE, is making waves in the beverage industry with her innovative and health-conscious business. As a graduate of Lagos State University, Quadri Sideeqah has combined her passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to health to bring a unique product to the market.

Quadri Sideeqah’s business centers around her sugar-free fruity zobo drink, a refreshing beverage that offers a myriad of health benefits. Her journey began on March 22, 2023, when Quadri Sideeqah recognized the need to help people with health issues maintain their well-being. Zobo, a traditional Nigerian drink made from hibiscus petals, has been known for its rich antioxidants, potential blood pressure-lowering properties, and liver health improvement. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent source of vitamin C, supporting immune function.

With her zobo drink, Quadri Sideeqah aims to solve her customers’ challenges by providing a refreshing and healthy beverage option. By offering a unique flavor profile and a wealth of antioxidants, her sugar-free fruity zobo drink is a great alternative to sugary drinks. It not only helps customers make healthier choices but also contributes to overall well-being. The drink’s potential to lower blood pressure and improve liver health makes it an appealing option for health-conscious individuals.

Quadri Sideeqah’s ideal customers include those who prioritize natural and organic products, fitness enthusiasts, tea lovers, and individuals seeking flavorful beverage options. Additionally, her zobo drink caters to individuals with dietary restrictions, as it is often caffeine-free and suitable for various dietary preferences.

When asked about her typical day, Quadri Sideeqah humbly stated, “I mostly spend time working and thinking of how to make more money. There’s actually nothing special about my day.” Her dedication to her business and drive for success are evident in her daily routine.

Being an entrepreneur has had a positive impact on Quadri Sideeqah’s family life. Not only has it allowed her to provide for her own needs, but she has also been able to support her parents. The entrepreneurial journey has been a source of inspiration and motivation for her, driving her to achieve greater heights.

Let’s shed more light about her entrepreneurial journey with these few questions asked.

Can you describe/outline your typical day?

I mostly spend time working and thinking of how to make more money, there’s actually nothing special about my day

How has being an entrepreneur affected your family life?

Being an entrepreneur has never affected my family, it has always helped me provide my needs and also help me support my parents.

What motivates you?

I get my motivation from my customers, my families and myself

I feel like I’m a lifeline for my customers, my families and myself because I feel they all need me at some point in time and I can’t afford for them to lose me

Quadri Sideeqah Oluwafunto: The Entrepreneur Behind The Refreshing And Healthy Sugar-Free Fruity Zobo Drink 1

What is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is loosing everything or not finally getting the comfortable life I want for myself at the end of the day, it’s going to break me.

How do you define success?

Success to me is achieving everything I want, being able afford all I want for myself, living a comfortable life and seeing my customers enjoying the benefits of my products.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

My favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the part that makes me realize that I’m keeping people healthy with my products and the part I also count money 🤭

Quadri Sideeqah Oluwafunto: The Entrepreneur Behind The Refreshing And Healthy Sugar-Free Fruity Zobo Drink 2

If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently?

I really don’t think I want to start all over again because I believe I’m doing perfectly fine except I want to start all over again with more capital and I think I don’t need to start again to achieve that.

What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?



And prayer

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

I don’t have inspiration to be honest, I inspire myself to do better

Quadri Sideeqah Oluwafunto: The Entrepreneur Behind The Refreshing And Healthy Sugar-Free Fruity Zobo Drink 3

What advice would you give to people who want to become entrepreneurs?

I’ll advise to trust the process, be prayerful and don’t give up at any point in time.

What business-related book has inspired you the most?

One book that I highly recommend for business owners is “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. It’s a fantastic resource that provides valuable insights into building and growing a successful business. The book focuses on the concept of continuous innovation, helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting and scaling their ventures. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to make a big impact in the business world.

Quadri Sideeqah Oluwafunto: The Entrepreneur Behind The Refreshing And Healthy Sugar-Free Fruity Zobo Drink 4

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

The title of my book would be “A world without A mother”

And that wraps up our interview with Quadri Sideeqah Oluwafunto

If you’re looking for a refreshing and Healthy Sugar-Free Fruity Zobo Drink Contact her: 08188183982

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