Love is in the air, it’s the season of love stories and romantic gestures. Exquisite magazine took the initiative to get beautiful love stories from couples. So prepare to be enchanted by Ama Chioma’s love story that will leave you breathless.

Picture this: It was the year 2015 when she took the stage as a captivating host, and little did she know, a certain gentleman in the audience instantly fell head over heels. However, circumstances kept them apart. Fast forward to a year later, their paths intertwined, phone numbers were exchanged, and their journey began. What makes this tale even more remarkable is his unwavering support for her dreams, even going so far as to financially assist her in completing her courses. Beyond his culinary prowess, he is a true romantic. Get ready to be captivated by this extraordinary love story!

Love Unveiled With Ama Chioma Gloria 1

Where did you meet your partner?

This is a funny question, because, unlike the normal response of, “I met my husband in so so place. My response is that my husband was the one who Saw and found me!!

This happened in 2015 when I anchored a talk show during our youth program. There were some special people invited for the occasion, I knew this, but, what I didn’t know was one of the young men seated there picked instant interest in me.

I did my talk show and went home, and the guy went home in love. Lol. He sent his people on a mission to go find me, but, all he got was my surname. For more than a year I couldn’t be found since we both came from different local governments.

In 2016, we met in yet another program. I was standing with my friend, and I saw this man walking down to me, smiling broadly. I turned around, confused, who is this man smiling at? He said to me, I am smiling at you. I have been looking for you for a whole year now, and, I am happy I have found you.

We exchanged numbers, and that’s how the talking stage started.

By 2017, he asked me to marry him. But, I was a young lady with so many wishes and desires. I had 2 main courses I wanted to take. I told him my concerns, and, he, not just agreed to wait for me, but, single-handedly sponsored all the courses I wanted to study.

We got married in 2019. It’s been 5 wonderful years of endless love and joy. More than I expected to get. With 2 beautiful kids.

What’s your love language, and his love language

My love language is assurance and affection. My husband knows exactly how to clear even the slightest doubt I have. And, he knows how to show affection. I don’t know how he does it all the time, but, it just works magic.

My husband’s love language is Trust and confidentiality. He believes he is consistent, and is blown away when I say to him, I believe you. He once asked why I always tell him I believe him, I simply tell him I trust him, and telling me lies simply means telling himself lies as well. Also, he likes it when I don’t use his words against him, or haunt him with his previous actions which he opened up to. As long as I keep his words confident, and not use his words against him during an argument, I am certain he won’t hold back anything from me.

Love Unveiled With Ama Chioma Gloria 2

What’s that one romantic or thoughtful thing he does that you like

Everything my husband does for or to me is always romantic. He thought about it and executed it carefully. I remember when I was pregnant with our first child, I suffered severe morning sickness, I couldn’t eat, and I kept losing weight. One day I woke up, and he was out of bed, I got up to open the door but realized he had locked me inside. I just went back to bed. A few minutes later, he opened the door, with a tray of different dishes. He cooked!! He didn’t want me to perceive the aroma of the food and lose interest. I felt special. My husband is a great chef. Omo, the guy dey cook. My husband can be driving and suddenly sees a cloth, shoe, jewellery etc, anything, and he will go, this will look great on my wife, daughter, or son. And, without hesitation, he will get it. He has done countless romantic things.

What has marriage taught you

Marriage has taught me that life is not rigid. Marriage on social media is not Marriage. I have learnt that compromising and sacrificing for my partner and children is one thing that I can not get tired of doing. And, I feel fulfilled each time I do something that makes my family happy.  Marriage is sweet and long-lasting when you focus on your partner and do not make unhealthy comparisons. Also, a woman that is always grateful, and appreciative for, even the slightest thing her husband does for her, has the key to her husband’s endless love. Please, I am talking from my own experience. Another person may counter this, based on her own experience, that’s why I made mention of unhealthy comparisons. I can only talk from my own perception and experience of Marriage.

A Message to your partner

Love Unveiled With Ama Chioma Gloria

My message to him;

My dearest love, thank you for coming into my life when you did. You were my Heavenly intervention. 7 years I have known you, as been the purest of my years. You have brought me love, joy and happiness that I thought existed in dreams. I always tell you this, you sabi marry wife.

I promise to remain your joy giver, and our home will remain that one place you will come to when you need peace and fulfilment. I am glad you are my husband, and, if given the opportunity again, you will still be my husband. Love you endless!!

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