Few weeks ago, I woke up to the buzz of different types of publicity
on social media that were promoting a man, the chosen man, BABAJIDE SANWO-OLU of the ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS (APC) party. By now, it is no news who he is and what this name stand for.
I wondered how, all of a sudden, people decided who they wanted as the “incoming Governor” of Lagos state. I knew there was more to this, and I didn’t even need to do a long research.
No doubt, Mr Sanwo-Olu has been in government for quite some time, and many find him tested and trusted enough to handle the affairs of the people.
Whatever it is, it is evident that there were or are some lapses with the current government. And also, the people have so much trust in Mr Sanwo-Olu.
Few of the things that struck me in my discovery about BOS are that:
• He is loved by the people;
• He is passionate about the grassroots;
• He was not just endorsed by the Baba Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the “who-is-who,” the state law makers, and many other groups in government, but the masses also have so much faith and trust in him.
And though he is yet to assume the role of the Governor, the atmosphere in Lagos feels like he already has;
• From his speeches so far, he appears to be a good listener. He craves to listen to the needs of his people, and is eager to act once the baton has been passed to him.
There are quite a number of controversies about the current governance, regarding the implementation of the blueprint for the governance of this city of over 18 million people that come from different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs.
But one thing is sure, we love Lagos, and we look forward to the mega city promised us.
Though a lot of faith is placed on the chosen one, it is evident that he will definitely be in the system for the next four years at least, and will hopefully change the narrative away from how things are derailing.
Believe me, the time is now. I am eager, so eager, for 2019. Let’s get this started. Long live the city of Lagos. Long live Nigeria. Igbega Eko ti di ajumose!!!
Written by: Shote Ayomide Damilola
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