In our last post, we discussed skincare acids and the best skincare acids for oily skin. This time around, we’ll look at beauty products that you should definitely avoid if you have oily skin.

Thick Moisturizers:

Moisturizers like petroleum jelly, that are specifically made for drier or dehydrated skin types may contain ingredients like paraffin, mineral oils, lanolin, or petroleum which can
clog pores.

Such ingredients create a thick barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss. Usually, they end up feeling too heavy or sticky on oily skin.

Alcohol-based Toners:

Various types of alcohol are used in skincare products and it could be tempting to pick alcohol-based products because of their tingling and squeaky clean feeling. However, this is not always a good idea.

Strong alcohol-based toners will only get rid of the oil superficially, and can even strip your skin of its natural moisture.

Rough physical scrubs:

beauty products oily skin

Over exfoliation, especially with formulas using harsh granules, can damage the moisture barrier. This makes the skin more prone to sensitivity and imbalance. When skin is dried out, it overcompensates and creates more oil, resulting in increased chances of acne.


Silicones are the main ingredients in Primers, they feel like fine lines or large pores on the skin creating a slightly sticky surface. This helps makeup stay on all day long. Doctors suggest that those with oily skin use water-based primers and moisturizers instead of the silicone-based variants.

Face oils:

beauty products oily skin

Oils like coconut oil, camellia, and hazelnut oil are highly comedogenic and tend to clog pores. Those with high oleic content are fatty acids that also sit on the skin surface and clog pores.

It is important to know your skin type to become aware of what products to avoid and the ones to live by. So, for oily skin make sure to avoid these harmful beauty products and preserve your skin’s richness.

This article was written by Sogbolu Olubukola (The Skincare Fair)

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