Taking care of our hands has always been given more importance than nails. Your nails don’t have to be unhealthy and ugly during this pandemic, so we have brought some useful tips for taking care of your nails.

Your nails are a very exposed part of your body and their look depends on how well you treat them while working with your hands.

nails care

Some tips for taking care of your nails are:

Keep your hands moisturised all throughout the night. This is possible if you use a thicker hand cream just before going to bed. This way it can really soak in overnight.

– Make sure to always wear gloves when using harsh chemicals.

– Apply hand cream after washing your hands and use cuticle oil as often as you can.

– If you want to give your nails a break from nail polish, use a good nail strengthener.

– Know when to use your cuticle oils and cuticle creams. The creams are thicker and are better used just before bedtime, while the oils are great for on-the-go or freshly painted nails.

– Don’t go too hard on your nails when filing. It does not matter if you are filing in one direction or both ways.

– For hygiene purposes, if your nails are long, you should have a nail brush. Make use of the brush with antibacterial soap to keep germs away.

So, there you go, now that you are all caught up with the best nail practices, you are one step closer to the healthy and beautiful nails you desire.

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