Lockdown or not, we ladies always want our nails looking lit! So, whether we’ll be let off the hook to go out, or remain stranded with only lovely photos to show off our beautiful manicured nails, we’ve got five of the biggest nail trends for 2021 for your nail inspiration.

Elle, a celebrity nail stylist based in New York and LA, broke down the 5 biggest nail trends for 2021. From metallics with a matte finish to press-ons to suit your mood taste or explorative desires.

Let’s get right into the tea, the biggest nail trends for 2021 are…

  1. Metallics with Matte

“This look gives the polish a lot of definition,” explains Elle. “It’s a new kind of wearable finish that tones down the metallic without making it completely matte.” This look is ideal for those who want to dabble in metallic but think the shine is reserved for the holiday season.

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2. Rock & Roll

Here Are 5 of the Biggest Nail Trends For 2021 1

“Embellish nails with adornments for a rock & roll inspired manicure,” says Elle. “Think smoke, black and metal stones, and studs decorating your mani as a definite must to show your edgy side.”

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3. Opposites Attract

Even on the colour wheel, we know how cool colours tend to tone down more fiery or bold colours, so you can apply that to your nails.

Elle suggests starting by picking a pastel shade like LeChat Dare to Wear’s Mystic Lilac and mixing it with a plain white like LeChat Dare to Wear’s Flawless White to tone it down. “Muted shades have an opacity, so instead of the color being so vibrant, the white (or opaqueness) tones it down for a muted hue of the color,” explains ELLE. “This look gives you a very well-groomed manicure without having to go sheer.”

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4. Press-Ons

Here Are 5 of the Biggest Nail Trends For 2021 2

“Whether you go for a design or a basic shade, the application is easy, the look is flawless and they will last about three weeks,” she adds. “Keep in mind extensive nail art done in the salon can take hours and be expensive—press ons are ready to go and a fraction of the price.”

5.  The Naked Manicure

Here Are 5 of the Biggest Nail Trends For 2021 3

“The naked manicure is defined by beautiful, healthy nails—a clear coat of polish is optional,” explains Elle. “In 2021, we’ll be getting back to the natural nail and focusing on the health of the nail rather than frequent salon visits for acrylics and extensions, especially with salon access being limited because of COVID.”

“There’s some new innovation coming to market to help grow out natural nails that I’m excited about too—StimuNail features LED light therapy technology to support nail growth and strength,” she adds.

So, there you have it, the guide to the 5 biggest nail trends for 2021, it’s time to get booking or DIYing.

Source: Elle

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