Nowadays, we pay more attention to our lash extensions than our natural eyelashes and it’s starting to tell. So, if you’ve been wondering how to grow your lashes and keep them healthy, while staying glam, this article is just what you need.

Taking care of the lashes is not the easiest task in the world, because even though the lashes are made up of hair, they are placed so close to the folds of the eye, that great care should be taken before applying anything to your lashes.

We’ve got a few tips on how to grow your lashes, from a Consultant Ophthalmic and Oculoplastic surgeon, Dr Elizabeth Hawkes from a Glamour editorial, that we thought best to share with you.

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1. Remove your mascara like a pro

“It’s important to remove all the products from lashes in order to prevent broken lashes and irritation, as well as corneal abrasions and in worst cases, infections.

Soak a make-up pad in your chosen make-up remover and then hold on the eye for a few seconds. This allows the formula to gently break up the mascara so that when you wipe the pad away it gently lifts the mascara away with it and doesn’t pull off any delicate eyelashes. Don’t be tempted to pull or pick any remaining mascara as this will undoubtedly break or pull your lashes out.

2. Prevent eye glands from becoming blocked

“After cleansing, take a clean pad and slowly push down towards the lash line on the upper lid. Then, with a second clean pad, push upwards towards the lower lash line. Our eyes have hundreds of tiny glands that line the upper and lower eyelids, just behind the lash line called meibomian glands. They secrete the oil that lubricates the eye surface. By cleaning in this manner we can prevent them from getting blocked and prevent blepharitis.”

3. Use these drops if your eyes are feeling dry or tired

HyloTear eye drops are carefully formulated and contain 0.1% hyaluronic acid that can quickly relieve dry eye symptoms. Hyaluronic acid is a very natural and long-acting ingredient which is actually present in many parts of our body, including the eye.”

4. If you’re using wipes on your eyes, choose these

Blephaclean wipes can be used for the daily hygiene of eyelids and sensitive skin (especially in cases of blepharitis). Blephaclean wipes are free from detergents and preservatives, and gently cleanse without irritating the eyes or damaging the outer layers of skin.”

5. Use lockdown to give your lashes a break from mascara

“Generally speaking mascara isn’t bad for the eyes, however, waterproof mascara is designed to not come off, which can lead to eyelashes falling out more than they should and breaking. As with anything makeup related, I would suggest that if you can give it a break (in this case, from mascara) during the lockdown, it will help to let your eyelashes recover and ensure they’re at optimum health. However, continued use won’t be a problem so long as your mascara is in date and you’re washing your eyes regularly.”

For the original article on Glamour Magazine, click here.

Check out this video of beauty Youtuber, Ashlund Jade, describing her eyelash routine and how to grow your lashes below.



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