You may not have heard of nail artist Lucy Tucker, but you would have definitely seen her work gracing the red carpets of Hollywood’s most exclusive events, as well as on the hands of some of her loyal celebrity clients, including everyone from Jessica Biel and Selena Gomez, to Lady Gaga and Julianne Moore. So it’s safe to assume that Lucy knows what’s hot in the world of nail polish and nail art – hey, she’s often the one on top of some of the biggest nail trends

Glamour Magazine hit her up to get the lowdown on this Summer’s best nail trends, including what shades to go for, which nail art designs to create and even how to shape your tips.

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Here is what she had to say about the biggest nail trends to expect.


According to Lucy, we will all be rocking neon nails this summer – but in a slightly unexpected way. “One of the biggest trends I’m really enjoying for this summer is neon accents,” she says. “Summer is all about bright colours and a number of brands are releasing gorgeous neon collection, including Chanel, who have created an utterly gorgeous orange shade that launches on 12th June.”

As for application tips, Lucy says you shouldn’t paint the whole nail: “Rather than painting the whole nail, you just apply an hombre neon tip for a negative space style finish. For a really cool vibe, finish with a matte top coat.”


We are accustomed to seeing extreme acrylic tips, but Lucy assures us that this Summer, we’ll be enjoying a lower maintenance nail length. “Due to Covid-19, everyone has had to remove there acrylic or gel nails. Therefore, I believe that people will start to get used to there shorter nails and won’t want there long nails back for a while.”


We’ve seen coffinsquoval and stiletto nails over the past few years, but according to Lucy, we might be looking at a more demure shape this year. “Anything the popularity of anything more extreme, like the coffin or stiletto nail, will fade quite quickly. I think it’s going to be replaced with a more timeless, oval shape.”

Source – Glamour Mag

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