Sheer Jackets are trendy at the moment and for good reason too. Sheer pieces  have graced many Runways, fashion blogs, and the social media pages of our favorite fashion influencers

Yet, the thought of wearing a proper Sheer piece fills me with pure dread. I mean all my body, its flaws, all exposed. Nah, I’m not ready for that yet. 

So does that mean, I would miss out on all the wonder of the Sheer Piece trend?? I don’t think so, no way!! I found a sweet spot- a Sheer Jacket. The Sheer Jacket allows me to take part in the Sheer Piece Trend without being uncomfortable. 

It looks great with everything: from jumpsuits to shorts and everything else in between. I have created 4 looks with a It just to inspire you. This way you get the best of both worlds. You can look super trendy at no personal cost to your values. 

sheer jacketSheer jacket

Sheer jacket
Sheer jacket









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