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# GROOMING REGIMEN…… I can’t say that I have one, I get manis and pedis as often as I can and when I’m not in a place to get my eyebrows waxed I tweeze them myself. I try to keep it simple because of my lifestyle.

# LOOKS…..Hmmm. I’ve become pretty simple with my looks these days. Its all about elegant comfort for me and I find that soft fabrics in pastel and neutral colours work best for me. So I’d call my style “Renaissance Chic”, you’ll find me in a Kimono one day and a simple Tunic the next day.

# PERSONAL BEAUTY TIPS…..Do what works for you. I’ve found that following a textbook skincare regimen just doesn’t work for me. So I keep it simple, to exfoliate my body, I use regular table salt in the shower at least once a week, then moisturize by using my favourite oils on my wet skin. It works wonders for me and gives the skin a natural glow. Plus it is inexpensive. Try it!
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# WHAT I DO FOR INNER HEALTH……I pray and meditate, this brings most inner health to me, because I let go of any negative energy, negative people, regrets and fears. In my time of quietude, I focus and spend time with my #futureself. The beauty of the woman I am becoming, keeps me focused on days when things get rough. It helps me to stay light hearted, so I laugh often!

# FAVOURITE SCENT AND WHY…….Chanel Chance, it makes me feel special and stays on me through the day

# FITNESS……Ooh, Pilates and TRX are my fitness torture routines of choice. I love the lengthening and confidence they make me feel. I hate core work outs but I love what they do for me.

# FOOD AND DAILY ESSENTIALS……Homemade Fruit Smoothies and Coconut Water
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# HAIR CARE SECRET AND PRODUCTS….. Ooh this has changed a lot since I started wearing natural hair, when I was wearing it low, I would go to the barber shop every 2 weeks to get my hair shaped. But when my friend’s stage 4 cancer returned from remission, I chose to take my hair all the way off. My support for her and the cause was very liberating and I wore it that way for months. Now I am growing my hair again and because I love travelling, I have to groom myself. I rarely use a comb in my hair, I co-wash and then use a mixture of scented and essential oils in my hair and on my skin, everything from Peppermint oil, Coconut oil, Crab Tree Oil, Neem and Tee Tree. I mix a combination.

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