6bf7c9ef8cb7a6f30095513c6563ea35If you’re breaking out or your skin is simply not as even and moisturized as you’d like, these bad habits may be the cause and you never even realized it.

Washing With Harsh Cleansers

Many people who are prone to pimples or have oily skin gravitate toward exfoliators and cleansers that dry things out. In theory, this seems like a good idea, but they actually strip the skin of all its good oils and diminish its own natural protective barrier. This actually accelerates oil production and will increase breakouts. it is suggested to using a nourishing face wash with a milky texture.

Using Products in Jars

Anti-aging products contain antioxidants, which break down with repeated exposure to light and air. “Jar packaging lets that occur with each use,” says Bryan Barron, research and content director for BeautyPedia.com. “So your anti-aging products become less and less effective.” He suggests using tube-packaged products.

Skimping on Sleep

We all know how a good night’s rest can benefit our energy levels, metabolism, and mood. But it also has a great effect on our skin, even beyond those dark, under-eye circles. “When the skin is getting less than optimum fuel, it can become dull and pale,”. “Lack of sleep can be so stressful that it actually causes our bodies, including our skin, to generate free radicals.”

Using Cotton Pillowcases

Speaking of sleep…persistently pressing your face into a pillow (especially if you are getting your eight hours) can cause trauma to your skin, including permanent creases as our collagen breaks down. Gross suggests swapping out your cotton pillow for satin or silk as they cause a lot less friction. Also, pillowcases accumulate a buildup of residue, if you are acne-prone, you should try to wash your sheets once a week.

Talking on the Phone Too Much

No, we would never say you can’t talk on the phone—but, on speaker may be better. Your cell gathers bacteria on its surface, so it is important to clean it often. But it is actually the pressure on your face (from any object) that traps oil in and causes zits.

Going to Bed With Your Makeup On

One of the biggest mistakes women make is not properly cleansing and removing makeup at night. This clogs oil glands and impacts your makeup into your pores, which makes them appear larger. When your collagen levels decline as you get older, your pores will not snap back after becoming enlarged. Additionally, leftover makeup can lead to inflammation, which can generate free radicals and lead to breakouts.

Using Too Many Products

We all have our beauty routine, or are trying to find just the right one. But you may be using too many active products at once, tipping the scales toward irritation rather than being beneficial. “If your skin has become sensitive, red, or flaky, chances are you’re overdoing it,” its suggested to alternating a soothing product every other day with your peels, retinoids, and active serums.

Applying Products Out of Order

One of the keys to getting the maximum benefit from your skincare regimen is to apply products from thin to thick consistency after you cleanse, i.e. toner, serum, cream. Heavier products can block lighter-weight ones from penetrating the skin and doing their job.

Popping Pimples

When a dermatologist drains a pimple, he or she will apply downward pressure perpendicularly to the skin’s surface, explains Gross. But when people try to do it themselves, they usually squeeze from the side, which causes the infection to go deeper— a major backfire that can permanently enlarge pores. “However tempting it may be to pop a pimple, try to resist,”.  “If the temptation is too much, try washing your face with a clean washcloth. If the pimple is ready to ‘pop,’ this is all the pressure needed to drain it.”


source: Elle


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