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Light, dark, white, washed, super dark and, obviously, the ever classic navy… Have you guessed what we are talking about yet? Well, you probably have because denim is on everyone’s mind; it is, now more then ever, the leading item on “must-have” lists.

More sophisticated and feminine, this season, denim is going into a new direction, one that is more classic and chic with a lot of brands revamping their designs from mass market to high fashion. Example of this are the multitude of denim pencil skirts and blazers, and even denim trench coats and flared pants- which are all necessary pieces in a contemporary woman’s wardrobe- making the star of this season, tailored denim.

Classic, in all shades of blue, this type of denim is straight and committed to the tailor rather than to the body. What sets this denim apart from its predecessors is, in fact, the relationship with the tailor; the cutting and stitching techniques used today are far from the past’s fast mass production techniques, which is often reflected by the price.

Jeans are, without a doubt, the piece of clothing that resonates the most with both men and women, they both wear them, swap them, and buy more of them in different washes of blue, and in different styles.
But never before has there been such a sophisticated version of it. A star, and a strong one at that, of many catwalks across fashion weeks, it was reinterpreted in a number of ways. So much so that the original version is almost forgotten as we get caught up with those new and interesting interpretations of it.

Regardless of age, income, or social standing, all women have been, at some point, affected with the “denim virus” that gives them a cool vibe, some attitude, and comfort. With jeans one is never overdressed, yet it is an easy and appropriate option for a variety of occasions such as casual days in the office, happy hour, or a dinner in a trendy restaurant or bar. One can never go wrong with denim, and because it can be easily dressed up or down it is great for any occasion.

Whether ones choice of denim falls on a stone embellished number or one with tonal navy patches, all the variations have been well accepted. But careful, this season denim is chic and tailored, with a hint of sexy.
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