Nails are a built-in accessory and these looks will add a perfect pop of color to your swimsuit and favorite summer dresses. To be honest, With DIY summer manicure like these, you won’t even need to accessorise.

1. Matte beach Nail
This bright summer manicure is matte!!. Even if you don’t want to try to replicate the gorgeous palm trees, this color combo just screams summer.
2. Shoreline Nail
These beach inspired nails are perfect for the beach or atleast make you reminisce on how been on a beach feels like.
3. Palm Tree Nail
More palm trees, please!! This design definitely seems intricating, but how amazing would these look with your favourite swimsuit or dress?

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4. Pineapple Nail
I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about pineapples. These pineapple nails are bright and super easy to recreate.
5. Tie Dye Nail

Doesn’t tie dye just remind you of summer? Make the tie dye look trendy by converting it into this colorful manicure.Create your own version of these nails

6. Floral Anchor Nail

These tropical yet nautical nails are absolutely stunning for summer

7. Starfish Nail
Okay, these super cute starfish nails were done in a salon, and the colour says it’s time for summer
8. Pirate Nail
If you want a unique and fun DIY summer manicure, I’m pretty sure these pirate nails are arrrrrguably the cutest nails ever!
By Karah Adu
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