Makeup is generally incomplete without a touch of a lipstick. That pop of colour on your lips, sometimes, is all you need to take your look to the next level. The perfect lipstick would make your entire face glow! While there is no wrong type of lipstick, there are a myriad of options to choose from depending on your style and sometimes, your mood. Rather than pick any lipstick it is good to know the kinds of lipsticks available and determine the ones that work for you best.

Here are some of the common ones.

  1. Sheer lipsticks
  2. Matte lipstick
  3. Crème lipsticks
  4. Moisturizing lipsticks
  5. Frosted lipstick
  6. Long wearing and transfer resistant lipsticks


Sheer lipsticks

Source- Project Vanity

These contain moistures and keep the lips shiny and glossy. This are good for people with dry lips and can be used daily. They tend to look darker than they are on the lips and can be used as many times as possible.

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Matte lipstick


These are a little dry in nature as they do not contain moisturizer. This lipstick doesn’t shine like others. Rather, it has a dry, flat look. Before applying Matte lipsticks, it is advisable to use lip balm to avoid dry and broken lips.


Crème lipsticks

Know your lipstick! Here are types of Lipsticks 1
source- Kylie Cosmetics

This is mostly used by who have small lips. It gives a smooth look to the lips and it is not so shiny. Cream lipstick is a little like matte because they both dry up quickly. Crème lipsticks contain wax that protects the lipstick. In applying this lipstick use a lip liner first to avoid it spreading out.


Moisturizing lipsticks

Know your lipstick! Here are types of Lipsticks 2

These are smooth and are also good for people with dry lips. These ones are specifically made to protect the lips and give it the moisture it requires without appearing too shiny contains aloe, vitamin E and glycerine which, makes the lips smooth.


Frosted lipstick

Know your lipstick! Here are types of Lipsticks 3
Source- Refinery29

Frosted lipsticks, sparkle. reflects light and gives the lips a very shiny effect. These lipsticks look good especially when under artificial light. However, they could cause dry and broken lips. It is essential to moisturize the lips before applying these as well.


Long wearing and transfer resistant lipsticks

These are very long lasting and are great for women who don’t like applying lipsticks frequently. They contain formulas that make the lips look perfect for 4 to 8 hours. Some of these  contain moisturizers to balance the dryness. It is a good idea to invest in long-lasting/transfer-resistant lipstick especially for work purposes.

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