When deciding to go natural there are 2 questions that initially come up – to Transition or to go for the Big Chop? And if you go for the Big Chop, then what do you do about styling?

Here are 5 tips to rocking a Teeny Weeny Afro.

natural-black-hairstyles-for-round-faces1. Add a little colour
A great way to switch up your Teeny Weeny Afro is to add a bit of color. Popular colors include red, blonde and burgundy highlights but that doesn’t mean you can’t got for any colour of your choice. You can either decide to tint the tip of your afro if you have a little length, or dye everything for a bolder look.

  1. Accessorize
    Accessories add flare to your short afro. From hair bands, to flowers to short hair extensions, you can create different looks just by adding something extra – just ask Lupita.
  2. You can go shorter
    It would seem counter productive to cut your hair shorter, but sometimes, having a really low cropped haircut is a great styling option. You can decide to cut different sections of your hair to have a diverse look, or just go low overall. It is clean, smooth and sexy.

The image of Lupita above is also a great example for fading your short hair if you’re going shorter and plus size model Philomea Kwao is so pretty with her short hair.

  1. Texture, texture, texture
    Adding texture is another way to go. You can do this with flexi rods, curling puddings or with finger curling to create curls of different sizes. This way it adds some volume to your hair and gives it a different look with each type of curl.

Musician Chrisette Michelle looks fab with her TWA – and we love how she brought drama with her long falsies.

  1. Add Side-Parts
    Patterns are fun when it comes to styling your short afro. You can give yourself a side part with a straight line or go for something artistic like a zig zag. It adds dimension to your look, and when it grows back, you can try something else.


source: Bellanaija

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