Do you remember that evening when you kept locking eyes with a cute guy across the room for like 30 minutes and then he walks over to talk to you but your conversation didn’t last up to 5 minutes and you were wondering why? Well maybe it had to do with one or more of these –

Fragrance Overload

perfume spray

There’s nothing worse than walking up to someone and coughing so hard like you digested something really nasty because their fragrance was so overpowering. Perfume should only be applied on your skin and not clothes, focusing on 3 pulse points during the day and up to 5 at night (behind the earlobe, wrist, throat, cleavage, behind knees, inner elbow).

Caked On Makeup


Guys hate nothing more than mask like makeup. Pick the right shade and stay away from slathering too much foundation and concealer to avoid having a layer of pancake on your face. Use all products sparingly and regardless of your skin type, wait until your moisturizer sets in before applying your foundation and wait till it’s completely dry before brushing powder on your face. For oily skin (like mine) use blotting paper and powder throughout the day to refresh your look. Do not reapply powder on an oily or sweaty face!

Eyeshadow Overload


The only time you are allowed to overload your eyeshadow is when you are dressed up as a witch for Halloween. During the day stick to neutral coloured eyeshadow and at night you can add some colour and smoke it up in a sexy but yet subtle way.

Badly Shaves Or Waxed Legs


How is he supposed to caress your legs if they are stubbly and hairy? Do you want your legs to remind your man of a cheese grater? Then please, if you can’t shave or wax your legs  properly yourself then kindly leave it to a professional.

Sticky Lipgloss

sticky black gloss lips

I was guilty of this crime when I was younger until I started dating a guy that would clean my lips first before kissing me. Lip gloss can look good but if you plan to smoosh your man without him getting a mouthful of goop then you might want to stay away from sticky lip gloss.

Overlong Eyelashes

big false lashes

When poorly done the sexy lash effect can turn into a scary,  spidery effect and no guy wants to date a girl who looks like she has creepy crawlies for lashes. A few natural looking falsies make your eyes look wider and sexy without looking like they can take a walk on their own.

Ashy Skin


There is nothing sexy about ashy elbows and knees. Make sure you moisturise every inch of your skin before stepping out of your house focusing on your elbows, knees, hands (especially in between fingers) and don’t forget the soles of your feet. Always keep hand cream in your hand bag in case you need to touch up.

Chapped Lips


It is imperative that you always always keep your lips moisturised. And guys, this goes both ways. Dry, chapped, flaky lips are off putting both on a ladies and guys so keep the soft if you are hoping for a kiss.

Weave Tracks

weave tracks exposed

How is he supposed to run his fingers through your hair when there’s the possibility that they can get caught up? Well this is a difficult one ladies because I love my weaves but if I had to choose I might have to let the dude go or we  only see each other 3 months in a year. There are ways around it but what is a complete no no is exposed tracks. make sure your weave is properly installed and the tracks should be well covered.

Chipped Nail Polish & Untidy Nails


Like chapped lips this also go both ways. Try and get regular pedis and manis and ladies, when your nail polish start to chip you have to remove it and keep your natural nails looking neat or change your polish.

source: stylevitae

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