Written by Jaime Kaplan-Perico


1.   Snapchat can be used to show your loyal customers a sneak peak of what is coming next with your brand. Snap a pic of a promotion that is coming up, a new item that will be released shortly, or just something attention seeking and yourSnapchat friends will feel like insiders (Snapchat is a very popular app. in the United States and would be good for appealing to an American market).

2.   Something great about Instagram is that there are no language barriers. A picture can say a thousand words in any language.

3.   On Twitter it is very important to follow your followers and those who favor your tweets. Show your supporters that you care and make them feel appreciated. The relationship that is developed between you and your customers will differentiate you from your competitors.

4.    Before sending your customer a package include a hand written note with a preferred hashtag. Consider offering your customer a discount or voucher for using the hash tag.  Ex. #beachready save 10% on sunscreen

5.   Google+  – (The social media network by google ) is a must because of the SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. Post everything you would on other social media websites on Google+. So if someone typed in Google (for example) ‘trendy jewelry’ your website will appear closer to the top of the search engine because of your activity on Google+ Google will promote your information.

6.   When using Vine, (a social media platform that lets you post a six second video) be as creative and unique as possible. Take advantage of each second since your time is extremely limited (Vine is another platform largely used in the United States).

7.   Do not feel the need to overextend your company on all social media platforms at once. Select a handful and remember that the point of using social media is to make your crowd aware of your brand, changes/news, and to let them know what’s coming next.

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