Firstbank SPARK Initiative

How FirstBank Employees are Making a Difference in their Immediate Environments Through the SPARK...

This year’s implementation of the SPARK Initiative has seen employees under the banner of their various departments make choices regarding the specific nature of intervention they would want to undertake and the specific group of people or institutions within their immediate communities that they would want to extend the milk of human kindness to.

ABPW launches transformational initiative for youths

The ALLIANCE OF FEMALE PROFESSIONAL MENTORS AND BUSINESS LEADERS (ABPW) is pleased to announce the launch of a Transformational initiative by  a group of Nigerian women leaders aimed at supporting the youths of our country to create the Nigeria we all desire.
Eko Design Exhibition

iDesign in Collaboration with EbonyLife Place Presents Eko Design Exhibition

The exhibition also aims is to showcase and promote beautiful furniture and home products made in Nigeria, as well as create an environment where the creative industry, local designers and architects can come together
Simi Woman

Simi ‘Woman’ Drops, She Dedicates New Single To Women Everywhere

Simi WOMAN record leans into the defiant ethos of Afrobeat to reclaim the narrative for women and turns Simi’s long-held socio-political beliefs on equality into a sonic thesis for women’s liberation
Pero and 2face Saga : Pero Discloses Involvement In Tuface Marriage Crisis

Pero and 2face Saga : Pero Discloses Involvement In Tuface Marriage Crisis

Pero revealed it all in an exclusive interview after she was called out on Instagram by Annie who alleged that 2face had run off to stay with her in America
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How To Wear A Statement Belt The Right Way

If you’re an hourglass shape, then any belt will bring out your curves but, don't wear statement belts lower than your natural waist, as that will make you look bigger than you are
Style Your Jumpsuit

5 Stylish Ways You Can Style Your Jumpsuit (1 Outfit 5...

I have created 5 style boards for 5 different events in my favourite colour palette - Black and White for you if you are looking to style your jumpsuit
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Shopping On Instagram : Tips To Help You Shop Safely

Instagram has made shopping on its platform so easy and attractive. Yet, shopping on Instagram is not without its downsides so here are a few precautions to help you shop on Instagram.
Create a YouTube Channel for your Fashion Brand

How to Create a YouTube Channel for your Fashion Brand

Deciding to create a YouTube account for your fashion brand is one major step to increase your reach and in turn, the number of customers and here are some steps to Create a YouTube channel for your fashion brand.




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