EM Entrepreneur of the week


Virtually everyone is turning out to be an entrepreneur now, but there are outstanding ones who know the trade “like the back of their palms”. If you know that Yoruba adage, then you can relate.

She is a Nigerian business magnate, author and motivational speaker. In 1989, she established a furniture manufacturing company called Wieners Limited, which evolved into “The Chair Centre Limited” and then later, to SOKOA Chair Centre Limited. It is obvious that she is a strong and passionate advocate for REPLICATING businesses, not replacing them. In her words “Businesses are replaced many times because there are no structures to make them outlive their founders. Let’s build structure that makes our businesses sustainable. It is only a structured business that can be replicated”.

She is a member of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group; A member of the Board of Nigerian Sovereign Wealth Fund and the Chairman, Board of Trustees of Women in management.

She has hosted a lot of entrepreneurship trainings and workshops. With all of these, no wonder she is the EM Entrepreneur of the week. Give it up for… the Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria, the delectable Mrs Ibukun Awosika!!!!(drum rolls).

See beautiful photos of her.

Photo credit: olorisupergal.com/thenet.ng

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