Pleated skirts are the in-style trend on the fashion scene right now. Though considered old-fashioned and going off the radar once; they are now considered a perfect blend of street style and sophistication.

It’s quite tricky to deal with but not to worry, we will be showing you how to wear pleated skirts all week long! Let’s dive in.

Monday: You know what we said about Power Suits (insert post of power suit here) and how it puts you in control? Well, pair a leather jacket with a pleated skirt and get the same effect.

pleated skirt and Jacket

Tuesday: It’s Tuesday, four more days to the weekend but the second day of the working week, go all black or go with a bow-tie shirt.

all black pleated skirt style

Wednesday: Swirl them with your smile and outfit and remind them you still got this!

All Week Guide To Wearing Pleated Skirts 1

Thursday: Did someone say one more day to the weekend?! Wear your expression on your face and style. The Hijabis aren’t left out on this trend too.

hijabi pleated skirt

Friday: Finally, the Sneakers can come out of hiding! Neon and pleats? Count us in!

sneaker and pleats

Saturday: Either resting or showing up for events. Why not show up looking like the cool kid that you are, half sunglasses, hair out and a bit of shoulder.

sneakers and pleated skirts

All Week Guide To Wearing Pleated Skirts 2

Sunday: Going Monochrome to church is a very good idea, especially adding that hat to it.

All Week Guide To Wearing Pleated Skirts 3
Sunday Brunch: something casual and a little skin like Sharon Ooja.

All Week Guide To Wearing Pleated Skirts 4

Date Night: You thought we were going to leave you hanging without an outfit inspo for this? Nah, we’ve got you! Not every time Red, go Orange and fun.

go orange with the pleated skirts

With this guide, you have no issue wondering about what to wear all week, do tag us when you show up in any of this – @exquisitemagazinenig

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