Whether you want to look your absolute best or you just want to stop spending hours brainstorming on what to wear, these style hacks have got you covered.

1. Buy What You Need

Style hacks 1

It can be very tempting to buy a beautiful piece displayed at an affordable price, but you have to think about its shelf life. If it is a top or skirt, do you have something to pair it with? If it is a dress, do you have somewhere to wear it to? How many times do you see yourself wearing it? These are questions you need to answer for you to be you sure that you want to get it.

2. Plan Your Outfit a Day Before

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Having an idea of your outfit is not enough, especially if you have somewhere urgent to be the next day. Make sure you lay all the pieces of your planned outfit out, so you won’t get shocked about missing pieces or clothes that need mending. Try this and you will feel more relaxed and confident in your outfit.

3. Check the Weather Forecast while you Plan

Check the Weather Forecast

This has proven to be a lifesaver. Knowing what the weather for the day will look like helps save the stress of wearing clothes that are too thick for a sunny day or too light/dramatic for a rainy day.

4. Mix Basic Items with Trendy Pieces

Style hacks 4

A 70/30 rule should be used in this case. This means your wardrobe should contain 70% basic items and 30% trendy pieces. This is because basic items like jeans and t-shirts remain relevant and useful all year rounded, while trends come and go. It’s the best choice for your wardrobe and your pocket.

5. Invest in Accessories

style hacks

Accessories can turn an official look into a night time look effortlessly. You don’t have to always carry two extra outfits when you have multiple functions to attend in a day. Chunky earrings and a nice statement belt on a black bodyhug corporate dress could be the only change you need. Accessories are also part of the style must-haves for every female entrepreneur.

Now, you are all caught up and ready to make the most of these style hacks.

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