9-5 Chic is an important part of our lives as we get to channel our inner boss through sophisticated, classy and chic style which ultimately gives us the confidence to start a new week and month entirely.

Now that the lockdown has been eased and we are slowly getting back to our regular lifestyle or maybe adjusting gradually to our lives as it is which includes going to offices, attending meetings, and others; it is only right to do it fashionably.

The question is how do you do so? How do you achieve all of this without feeling like you’re
trying too hard? And not to seem boastful but all you need is most likely in your closet or within your reach.

Tips For 9-5 Classy and Chic Style:

Heels or Mules

classy and chic style

Heels always have a way of making you feel superior which helps to boost every woman’s
confidence and having a staple color like black, red or nude make your outfit even more stylish.

Don’t know how to wear or walk in heels? Read this post for some helpful tips
How To Walk In Heels


classy and chic style bags

As the famous RuPaul’s tv show says “Whatcha Packin”, your bag is an important statement piece that puts your outfit together, and thank goodness for trends (both old and new) we always have a variety of outfits to choose from depending on your mood.

The Box designed handbags are popular amongst 9-5 stylish ladies because they come in many different colors, brands and are affordable too.


What is the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror? For me, it is my top because it catches my eye first before looking down. Your tops could be floral, polka dots, chiffon or cotton material. A shirt that is perfect for your body type elevates your look and this is all that we need.

Nails Are Fashion Statements

classy and chic style

I know you probably were not expecting this point but that’s why we are here, providing you with the best tips. Your nails say a lot about you and your fashion sense in more ways than you think.

When people look at your nail they see color, the shape, the length and how neat it is or isn’t, and the cleaner it appears, the more put together you seem.

A freshly done pedicure and manicure is always best for a classy and chic style.

So, there you have it! With these tips, you’re all set to slay with 9-5 classy and chic style. Have fun!

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