Young Entrepreneur Is On A Mission To Empower Children Through Interior Design 1

Medina Sam is aiming to break barriers with her business MK Kids Interiors, an Interior Design Company that designs with children for children. What makes Medina remarkable is not just her keen eye for interior design but also how she has used her background to inspire her towards greatness. She grew up in a part of Hackney where 3 gangs were constantly battling to take control. As a child growing up in the midst of that, she could have lost focus but a strong family foundation and solid self-belief has propelled Medina to great heights.

It has not been an easy journey, for this young entrepreneur who had always dreamed of running her own business.  “I worked with two fantastic interior design companies that gave me a good grounding, but felt I needed more experience. I applied for countless job opportunities and I would get interviews; they would praise my portfolio, and then not offer me the job.” says Medina. With this experience to mind Medina Sam decided to create her own career.

At just 26 years of age, Medina Sam is now running MK Kids Interiors which she launched in 2012 with the help of The Princes Trust. With the help of The Trust’s mentorship program, MK Kids Interiors has been going from strength to strength in a field that quite often lacks diversity. But as a young black woman in business, Medina is determined to make a difference by showing that neither race nor gender should hold anyone back from following their dreams.

MK Kids also offers tailor made services for children with Autism; a condition that Medina feels deserves more attention and support.
MK Kids Interiors is very much driven by empowering children from all backgrounds, enhancing their decision making and seeing them enjoy the spaces that they themselves help to design with the company. With Medina at the helm, MK Kids Interiors is set to break the mould in interior design across the UK and internationally.

Young Entrepreneur Is On A Mission To Empower Children Through Interior Design 2


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