Reacting to what people said about her controversial comment on Kelly Clarkson’s divorce settlement – Kelly was told to pay her husband $200,000 monthly as spousal support – Toke said that settlement was outrageous and that comment brought reactions from her followers, including her colleague, N6, who took to the internet and called her unintelligent.

Toke Makinwa also took to her Instagram page to give her response:

“The freedom that comes from not trying to impress the world. Not caring if you are liked or not, not trying to fit in, not allowing the crowd mentality own you is priceless

‘I am not afraid of airing my opinion, if I’m wrong I’ll learn, if I’m right I welcome diversity. Too many people are too afraid to live for fear of judgment. No one can judge me, no one is feeding me, no one deserves that much power” she wrote.

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