The Wellness and Style week by EM is an online event to promote self-care, stress management, keeping fit and healthy, looking good on the inside and outside to continue to inspire confidence and style in women.

The 2023 edition of the Wellness and Style Week by EM will start on the 6th of September to the 9th of September. There will be;

Expert Workshops to gain valuable insights into wellness, financial wellness, beauty, style and self-care. With experts talking on mindfulness for self-care, financial wellness, relaxation techniques and skin care tips.

The Wellness and Style Week by EM 2023 1

Exclusive Offers: Enjoy special discounts from our partners, who include Beauty by AD Kairos candles and Fragrance, Lit Closet, Oriki Spa The Dew center, Lavyanna and many more.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals and experts.

Water challenge to win a month’s supply of Nirvana bottled water.

Be in a raffle draw to win exciting prices!!!

Wellness and Style Week by EM 2023   All participants will also receive daily affirmations via email, nutritious menu and a wellness goody bag to help with continuing your wellness journey and become a member of the Exquisite Club where they will enjoy discounts with our discount partners for a year.

The Wellness and style week, early bird registrations start TODAY! with a payment plan of 10,000 naira and you even get a chance to join the Exquisite Club.

Early Bird registration is 10, 00 naira ends on Saturday the 26th of August

Late bird registration 25,000 naira

Hurry now and register with this link and you also get a 10% commission when your friends register

Remember Health is Wealth.

Exquisite Magazine believes that the Wellness and Style week will contribute immensely to the world’s growth through improved physical health, improved mental health, and improved sense of lifestyle, creative mindset and creating an environment for the 21st century woman.


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