Have you been outside much this week? If not, I think you should consider taking a walk for better health and well-being. Here are a few benefits of spending time outdoors.

Exercising Outdoors Can Boost Up Your Workout

Regular exercise carries a host of health benefits, including improved brain health, stronger bones and muscles, weight management, and more. But it turns out that your workout might come with even more benefits when done outside.

 Time in Nature Can Help Reduce Stress

Time outdoors could help you manage your stress, too. Research has shown that those who walked in green areas improved levels of self-reported stress and mood, as well as decreased levels of cortisol, than those who walked in busier urban centers.

Spending time outdoors

Time in the Sun Can Boost Vitamin D Levels

Spending a sunny day outdoors could boost your vitamin D levels. This vitamin helps your muscles, nerves, and immune system function, and it’s essential in helping you absorb calcium for stronger bones but don’t skip the sunscreen it’s crucial to help protect yourself from UV radiation that can cause skin cancer.

A Walk in the Woods May Lower Blood Pressure

According to a past review of studies examining the Japanese practice of shrinrin-yoku (forest bathing), participants who spent time in forest environments had significantly lower systolic and diastolic blood pressures than those who didn’t.

Similarly, city residents who regularly visited green areas for at least 30 minutes once a week were also less likely to experience high blood pressure than those who did not, according to a past Australian study, but that’s doesn’t mean you should switch out your blood pressure meds for a walk in the park, though.

Outdoors Sounds Can Promote Positivity

If you enjoy the sounds of nature as much as the sights, there might be a reason for that. The sounds of nature can help improve mood and boost positive affect. Researchers found that animal sounds, wind sounds, and water sounds were associated with lowered stress levels and greater joy and in turn, these effects helped decrease pain, lower stress, and boost cognitive performance.

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