Rihanna On Her Latest Savage X Fenty Lingerie. New year, new Fenty. Popstar-turned-entrepreneur Rihanna is striding into 2019 with product launches aplenty to satiate fans of her inclusive brands. On New Year’s Day, she unveiled 50 shades of Pro Filt’r concealer for everyone “looking busted” after the holiday season, and spawned a cheering new hashtag #THECURE.

From Fenty Beauty to Savage X Fenty, where Rihanna is looking ahead to Valentine’s Day with a line of lingerie that cuts through the saccharine connotations of the Hallmark holiday. Launching on Savagex.com on January 9, the sheer camisoles, lip-printed briefs, cut-out bodysuits and heart-shaped pasties are in line with the pieces that have preceded them: body-positive bras and briefs for bad gals everywhere.


Savage X Fenty is Rihanna In and Out

Valentine’s just got Xtra AF,” is the tagline inviting customers to shop the collection on the e-commerce site. And there lies the success of Savage X Fenty: it’s all Rihanna. Every inch of it, from the materials to the models and marketing, and she gets it. There’s no objectifying women with cutesy poses and kiss blowing, or ticking diversity boxes, Savage X Fenty is simply a no holds barred celebration of women.

Savage X Fenty

“Savage X is about respect,” the quote from Rihanna continues. “Do what you do. Be unapologetically you. Embrace individuality.” As Valentine’s campaigns from competitors, including the out of favour Victoria’s Secret, start to emerge, the Disturbia singer’s mantra about embracing a savage kind of love whatever time of year is worth banking.

Rihanna Savage X Fenty

Rihanna On Her Latest Savage X Fenty Lingerie : "Valentine's Just Got Extra AF" 1

Rihanna On Her Latest Savage X Fenty Lingerie : "Valentine's Just Got Extra AF" 2


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