Odda Magazine just released it’s 18th issue, tagged “ODDA 19” and it features Stevie Wonder,his two sons and their mother, Kai Milla on some of the covers.

ODDA 19 (the new Odda Magzine issue) speaks on the delicate balance and union between all of humanity and Mother Nature, the interconnectedness of our lives and emotions. It also highlights the importance of family and connecting to one another for support since at the end of the day, we all belong to the same planet, we are all ultimately ONE.

One of the nine covers for ODDA 19 tagged “You, Me, And Everyone We Know” featured music legend and messenger of peace, Stevie Wonder, together with his sons Kailand Morris, activist, designer and budding philanthropist and Mandla Morris, singer and actor wearing Dior Men by Kim Jones and Cartier, photographed by David Lachapelle.

ODDA 19 Stevie Wonders

Stevie Wonder also had his individual cover, where he is appreciated for his music genius and humanitarian nature.

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Cover 3/9 ODDA 19 "You, Me, And Everyone We Know" with Mr #StevieWonder in conversation with Academy Award nominated actor Timothée Chalamet @tchalamet, photographed by @david_lachapelle. Mr Stevie Wonder is wearing @dior Men @mrkimjones and @cartier.⁣ ⁣ In addition to being a musical genius, Stevie Wonder is a humanitarian who has combined the power of timeless music with a deep concern for policy issues, and has always used his work in the music industry to try and improve the world around him, from working on AIDS awareness and anti-apartheid efforts to fundraising for blind and disabled children. Not unlike Stevie, Chalamet, who is one of the strongest voices today reaching millions of young people, also actively speaks out against inequality and supports numerous charities. He speaks to Stevie and his son @kailandmorris, who uses his fashion label @houseofkom to support communities and search for alternative avenues to increase sustainability in the fashion industry.⁣ ⁣ Conversation curated and Creative Director @davidmartingss ⁣ Fashion Director @georgia_tal ⁣ Stylist @sharonchitrit ⁣ Creative Consultant Stevie Wonder's family @shawnonthemove ⁣ Stevie Wonder Stylists @kailandmorris @ugomozie ⁣ Digital Tech @johnschoenfeld ⁣ Producer @bendattheneck ⁣ Executive Producer #DavidLaChapelleCreativeExchangeAgency @creativeexchangeagency ⁣ Local Producer #David Lachapelle / @maavven ⁣ Production Assistant #TarekWegner⁣ Fashion Assistants @camilaross and @hannahkerrri ⁣ Special Thanks to Relevant PR team⁣ ⁣ More to come!⁣ ⁣ #ODDA19YouMeAndEveryoneWeKnow

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Kailand Morris and his brother were all photographed with their designer mum, Kai Milla. Here’s a photo of the cover:

ODDA 19: Stevie Wonders and His Sons Are On The Cover Of Odda Magazine's New Issue 1

In a statement by Odda Magazine on their Instagram post, they said

Kai Milla has always emphasized to her sons the importance of love and respect towards everyone regardless of who they are and provides a stellar example on how to dedicate your time to others, especially those less fortunate, to help different communities, and always remember to pursue your dreams.

Art and philanthropy clearly run in the Wonder family. After establishing his fashion label House Of Kom last year, Kailand Morris has recently partnered with the charities @redeyeinc and Watts Empowerment Center for the project KOM WORLDWIDE where over 100 care packages were given to families in the Watts Community.

Meanwhile, Mandla Morris spends all his time in the studio working on his music, which he describes as R&B and soul-influenced, and is aiming to release his first solo album soon.

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