Renowned supermodel Naomi Campbell has made headlines by takeimg a step fully into the world of fashion design.

Campbell, a legendary model and famous public figure has decided to share her latest adventure with the fashion world, and she’s doing it in collaboration with a young and talented Nigerian luxury designer, Victor Adewale, who serves as the creative director at VicNate.

Naomi Campbell

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Jamaican designer Edvin Thompson is also part of this exciting venture. The announcement, which has sent ripples of excitement throughout the fashion industry, was made by Naomi Campbell herself on her Instagram account. She expressed her enthusiasm for this new chapter in her career, marking the end of her incredible 37-year journey on the catwalk.

Campbell stated in her Instagram post: “After 37 incredible years on the catwalk, I’m thrilled for the opportunity to share my latest adventure on the other side – as a designer! Especially during the start of NYFashionWeek! The process has been a dream come true, for me and the young designers that are featured.”

Naomi Campbell

This move by Naomi Campbell represents a significant shift in her career and highlights her desire to contribute to the fashion world in a different capacity. It’s a testament to her ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and young talent within the industry.

Victor Adewale, the creative force behind VicNate, is a rising star in the fashion world. His innovative designs and keen eye for luxury have garnered attention and acclaim. Adewale’s partnership with Campbell promises to be a remarkable collaboration that brings together his fresh perspective and her years of industry expertise.

Edvin Thompson, the Jamaican designer joining this exciting project, adds an additional layer of creativity and international flair to the venture. His distinctive style and background will undoubtedly contribute to the uniqueness of the designs.


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