Meghan Markle faces allegations of bullying her staff over free designer clothing.

It seems as though we discover more of Meghan Markle’s not-so-pleasant personality, as allegations have been made regarding her turbulent relationship with royal staff.

Meghan Markle faces allegations that seem to be the centre of rage with royal aides as she is accused of wearing designer ‘freebies’.

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Buckingham Palace officials have incited an investigation into the Duchess of Sussex bullying her staff. Reports say that she has driven out two personal assistants and has undermined the confidence of the third. The claims made against her happened while she was still a working royal.

However, Markle has denied all accusations against her, saying that the family has “perpetuated falsehoods” which has incited further rage against her and could very well be the subject of her interview next week with Oprah Winfrey.


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