Without even a shred of shame, Former Los Angeles Lakers All-star Lamar Odom took a dump in his bed and openly admitted to doing it.

The Celebrity Big Brother live feeds caught the bed pooping incident early Friday morning, as Lamar can be seen (and heard) saying “I just let the world know that I took a s**t in my bed.“

Lamar’s co-star, Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu, overheard him “scrubbing vigorously” while they were both showering. “I just let the world know that I took a s–t in my bed,” the former NBA star said as he walked into the bathroom. “No you didn’t,” Mirai responded in disbelief. “I did,” he reiterated. “I had to clean it up in front of the world.”

Odom went on to explain that the unfortunate incident was the result of him drinking too much milk.


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