Lagos Fashion Week will return for its 12th edition from 26th to 29th October 2023 and Lagos will once again take centre stage as we engage the global fashion community and celebrate indigenous craftsmanship from Africa and diaspora.

Seen as the centrepiece of Africa’s evolving fashion ecosystem, Lagos Fashion Week continues to propel the African fashion industry towards a future where fashion is conscious, transcends boundaries,  empowers communities and ultimately drives real socio-economic impact throughout the continent.
Building upon its over decade-long journey, Lagos Fashion Week champions the rich stories, creativity, and craftsmanship that have come to define African fashion. With collaboration at the heart of fashion’s
future, fostering partnerships that unlock innovative pathways have become a critical component expressed through a series of
first-of-its-kind partnerships over the years. In addition, fostering co-creation that embraces diverse talent, blending tradition and innovation, crafting designs that reflect cultural heritage and the digital age, and championing the power of communities to  amplify voices, nurture talent, and spark positive change within the fashion
Lagos Fashion Week 2023 will return with Runway Shows and Presentations
featuring new season collections from designers taking place in the #LagosFW Tents  and around the vibrant city of Lagos, _Fashion Business Series_ – to facilitate conversations with key players from the Nigerian and Pan African industries and beyond, _Visual Makers Fellowship_ –
Created to empower budding filmmakers and photographers with workshops and masterclasses, _Swap Shop_ – Created to facilitate new conversations and exchange of ideas surrounding sustainability in African fashion, _XRETAIL_ – a curated shopping experience across key cities in Africa,
_LagosFW Showrooms_ – Access to shop some of your favourite fashion brands &  _After parties_ – an opportunity to experience Lagos’ nightlife and connect with some of Africa’s finest creatives in a
relaxed environment.

In line with its commitment to incubating and training young talent, facilitating impact driven conversations with key stakeholders as well as being at the forefront of developing our local manufacturing industry
through capacity building, Green Access, an annual talent discovery platform, has opened entries for applications by designers from Nigeria until 23rd August 2023. This season in line with the theme, “Standing
The Test of Time”, the Green Access programme will admit 5 young Nigerian talents with a core focus on designing from waste.
Lagos Fashion Week Returns - 26th-29th October 2023 1
Green Access is a fashion accelerator programme that nurtures young
designers and drives the recommitment of resource efficiency, biodegradability, longevity and recyclability as guiding principles for fashion design and production. Launched in 2018, Green Access has
spotlighted fashion enterprises transforming their business models and embracing strategies towards a more environmentally, socially and ethically conscious production.
Following the completion of the Green Access 2022 programme, The OR
Foundation awarded a grant of 10,000 USD to two designers from the 2022
cohort, Themba Shezi (Heru Shezi, South Africa) and Lu Adesola (Lul’la
House, Nigeria) to support the growth and development of their brands.
The grant was awarded based on their understanding and commitment to
exploring the concept of circular fashion and integration of pre-existing materials (textiles, garments or waste from another sector) into their design practice.
The OR Foundation, a USA-based 501(C)(3) public charity, has been operating in Ghana since 2009. With a mission to identify and manifest alternatives to the dominant model of fashion, the foundation works at
the intersection of environmental justice, education, and fashion development.
Lagos fashion show and green access grant
By promoting ecological prosperity and inspiring a deeper relationship with fashion beyond the role of consumer, the OR Foundation aligns perfectly with the values and objectives of Lagos Fashion Week’s
Green Access program.
Lagos Fashion Week and The OR Foundation believe that sustainable fashion has the power to create positive change and drive the industry towards a more responsible and conscious future. Through the Green Access platform emerging designers will be empowered to make significant impact and contribute to a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.
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