Talking about taking a stand to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Katy Perry Fashion statement almost tops the chart.

No one loves an over-the-top costume more than Katy Perry. Katy Perry Fashion Statement outfits have become a tradition. During Halloween and on campy red carpets like last year’s Met Gala, she manages to turn foods and household items into fashion statements. After stints as a giant Cheeto, a chandelier, and a hamburger complete with crystal-encrusted special sauce, Perry continues to raise the bar on absurdist outfits.

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Katy Perry

On 27 April, she pulled out a special look to remind her Instagram followers to keep their hands clean. In a video she posted on social media, Perry dressed as a giant bottle of Purell-esque antibacterial gel while washing dishes and making herself a plate of fries. Part PSA, part promo for the new at-home season of American Idol, the clip was cheeky, lighthearted, and 100 percent Perry.

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Branded with the Idol logo and a “music sanitizer” label, the one-of-a-kind piece was ridiculous while hammering home the message that everyone needs to be extra careful about hand-washing. Created by costume designers Johnny Wuzek, Nick Pini, and Shokrala, the look fit right in with Perry’s outré wardrobe. She has never been one to take herself seriously, and her whimsical take on the importance of minimizing risk during the coronavirus pandemic seemed designed to give her audience a much-needed smile.

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