In the ever-evolving world of fashion, pushing boundaries and embracing experimentation is a must.

We’ve witnessed everything from Gisele Bündchen’s striking cherry-red buzzcut on the cover of Vogue Italia to Julia Fox’s unforgettable ensemble made entirely of condoms, and at this point, we thought we’d seen it all.

But then, Bella Hadid came along, redefining the notion of avant-garde in a way that only she can.

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This past Saturday, Marc Jacobs unveiled its much-anticipated Heaven by Marc Jacobs Fall 2023 campaign, featuring none other than Bella Hadid herself.

Leading the charge in this sci-fi-inspired campaign, the supermodel underwent a jaw-dropping transformation, emerging as a bald artificial intelligence (A.I.) robot—yes, you read that correctly. Throughout the campaign, Bella gracefully donned a range of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories from the new Kiki Group collection, all inspired by the iconic and beloved Kiki Boot.

One of the most visually striking images from the campaign, captured by the lens of talented photographer Carlijn Jacobs and meticulously styled by Danielle Emerson, showcases Bella wearing an armor-like lingerie set adorned with a gleaming metal breastplate. She paired this striking ensemble with a high-waisted thong in matching silver tones, topped off with a coordinating abstract silver headpiece. Embracing the essence of the cult-favorite Kiki Boot, Bella elegantly rounded out the look with sky-high black satin platform Mary Janes featuring the classic buckle.

Bella hadid goes bald

In yet another nod to the future, Bella posed au naturel, unveiling pencil-thin brows and accessorizing solely with a sleek silver ear cuff. Bella hadid goes baldJust when you thought it couldn’t get any more surreal, the image revealed a silver tentacle extending from her spine, adding a final touch of futuristic intrigue to the mesmerizing campaign.

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