International Womens Day is celebrated on March 8th annually to recognize and honor the achievements of women worldwide.

This day is a reminder of the struggles and challenges that women have faced and continue to face, as well as a celebration of their progress and resilience.

The history of Women’s Day can be traced back to the early 20th century when women began to organize and advocate for their rights.

In 1908, the first Women’s Day was observed in New York, where thousands of women marched for better pay, shorter hours, and the right to vote.

The following year, the Socialist Party of America declared February 28th National Women’s Day, which was observed until 1913.

Womens Day Is Celebrated On March 8th

However, the idea of an international day for women did not gain momentum until 1910, when Clara Zetkin, a German feminist, proposed the idea at the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen.

Zetkin suggested that a special day should be set aside every year to honor the struggles and achievements of women and to promote women’s rights and suffrage around the world.

Womens day celebrated on March 8

After much debate, the first International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 19, 1911, in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

More than one million people attended rallies and demonstrations, calling for women’s rights to vote, work, and hold public office.

The date was chosen to commemorate the 1848 Revolution in France when women demanded equal rights and suffrage.

In 1913, Women’s Day was moved to March 8th, and it has been celebrated on this day ever since.

This change was made to honor the striking female textile workers in St. Petersburg who protested on March 8, 1917, for “bread and peace” during World War I.

Their demonstration sparked the Russian Revolution, and the new government granted women the right to vote.

Over the years, Womens Day is celebrated on March 8 always and this has become an important day of recognition for women around the world.

Womens day is celebrated on March 8 in many countries, and its theme changes every year to reflect current global issues affecting women, such as gender equality, violence against women, and reproductive rights.

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