The Wellness and Style week by EM is an online event being organized by Exquisite Magazine; this event is being held to commemorate 19 years of being in the media, fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle industry.

The Wellness and Style Week by EM is to promote self-care and stress management, keeping fit and healthy, looking good on the inside and outside to continue to empower confidence and style in women.

The 2022 edition of the Wellness and Style Week by EM started on the 19th of September, 2022 with a series of event such as Daily Meditation, Water challenge, Discount shopping with discount partners such as: Mango Nigeria, Kairos candles and Fragrance, The Dew center, Serahs beauty secrets etc.… and Zoom sessions with experts in the field of wellness.

Over the past few days of the event, online speaking sessions by experts in the industry on the mind-set, sex and intimacy, relaxation techniques, fitness and wellness have engaged an open sense of wellness in participants of the Wellness and Style week.

The event is expected to wrap up on the 24th of September, 2022 also, some of the topics that would be shared during the rest of the week include: nutrition, style tips, beauty tips to looking great etc.

There will be loads of exciting gifts from our Official sponsors such gift include; a chance to win one month’s supply of bottled water, shopping at mango Nigeria , Tea from Lipton Nigeria and much more.

Exquisite Magazine believes that the Wellness and Style week will contribute immensely to the world’s growth through improved physical health, improved mental health, and improved sense of lifestyle, creative mindset and creating an environment for the 21st century woman.

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