January is cervical cancer awareness month, too many women are dying from cervical cancer in Nigeria, a form of cancer that is 100% preventable. The Exquisite Magazine Annual Cervical Cancer Events are held to increase the awareness for cervical prevention through free screening and vaccination.

Some of the practical approaches of EMAC to raise awareness for cervical cancer prevention include the #Smearit campaign. The Smearit challenge was created in 2017 as a fun way for people to understand the importance of early detection via screening to prevent cervical cancer, for women to get screened and tell other women to get screened as well. The foundation also does an annual Smearathon which is a day of free screening for women from the ages of eighteen and above.

During the cervical cancer awareness month and beyond, parents of young girls are also encouraged to get their children vaccinated against the human papilloma virus (HPV)

This year, EMAC seeks to continue to create more awareness for cervical cancer prevention through  the SMEARIT challenge and offering free screening to women in certain areas. To make it more exciting, prizes will be given to people who get 10 or more to joun the challenge to spread the word about cervical cancer.

Exquisite Magazine Cancer Care (EMAC) Foundation Raises More Awareness For Cervical Cancer Prevention Through The SMEARIT Campaign And Aims To Screen 1000 Women. 1

According to Dr. Tewa Onasanya, founder of the Exquisite Magazine Cancer Care Foundation, “Our aim is to continue to increase the awareness for cervical cancer prevention and also offer free screening for women. It is unacceptable that a form of cancer that is preventable kills one woman every hour in Nigeria”.

The Smearathon (day of free screening) will happen in Feb in Mushin, join us as we come together for cervical cancer prevention on World Cancer day 2024. Go to www.smearitafrica.com for more information and to register for free screening.

Cervical cancer is preventable, Smearit today.



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