The private cocktail opening of Design Week Lagos began with serenity engulfing the ambience of the private lounge at the Livespot Entertainment Center, as specially invited guests and stakeholders in the design industry convened for the cocktail opening.

Cocktail Opening Of Design Week Lagos 1

During the cocktail opening, Founder, Design Week Lagos, Titi Ogufere expressed her heartfelt joy in this year’s edition as it presented an opportunity for African designers to show their unique craft to the world.


In her words, she stated, “I am so excited about the Design Week Lagos Exhibition.

We have different designers at the exhibition from different parts of the world, including product, interior, space, and architectural designers.

Design week Lagos Cocktail Opening Of Design Week Lagos 2

Cities, spaces, structures, furniture, and everything we see have to be designed to ensure usability and satisfaction.

What the Design Week Lagos is doing helps us function better in the design aspects of our life.

We all think about designs in different ways but for us, we want to show you designs beyond the box! Thank you all, and please enjoy the evening and the Design Week Lagos show.

Cocktail Opening Of Design Week Lagos 3 Design week lagos

Guests at the cocktail indulged themselves in a variety of hors d’oeuvres as soft music blared in the background while elevating the mood of the atmosphere.

The ambience of the hall oozed harmony and cheerfulness as people mixed and mingled with one another while engaging in intimate conversations as they ate their desserts, gulped down their drinks and swayed to the sound of the background music.

The lighting was perfect, and it gave off the right setting and atmosphere as the evening passed on, all in the presence of exquisite designs and meticulously crafted pieces.

Towards the end of the function, Titi Ogufere addressed the audience while expressing her gratitude to the sponsors of the event which include Amstel Malta, MTN, Livespot, Desperados. Some distinguished guests present at the ceremony were Ruth Osime, Ozinna Anumudu, Tracie Nwapa, Sophia Momodu, Mimi Onalaja, Angel Obasi, Aduke Bey amongst others.

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