Today, I want to talk about dealing with self criticism. As business owners or career professionals, sometimes we criticise ourselves, noticing the things that we can’t do or we’re not doing well and putting ourselves down. The thing about life is when you focus on something, you get more of it and you begin to see evidence of it, be it good or not.
As a multifaceted entrepreneur of over 21 years, this inner self criticism still rears its head occasionally. One day as I stood in front of the mirror, my inner critic screamed ‘You’re not enough!’ ‘You need more experience or you wont be accepted.’ On realising what would happen if I continued on this trail of thought, I took a deep breath in, looked into my eyes in the mirror, and said ‘Enough!’ ‘I am Enough.’ ‘I am the best at being me’. I repeated this and other affirmations daily till I believed the words and convinced myself of my abilities. I embraced my flaws, silenced my inner critic, and unleashed my true self, radiant with confidence and self-love. This is how I became an affirmations expert. I realised that my worth wasn’t defined by perfection, but by my courage to be imperfectly me and own it.
So I say to you today, when that inner critic comes to your mind. Appreciate yourself, remind yourself of the things that you have been able to achieve and centre yourself with that knowledge.
Every time the inner critic comes up, replace the feeling of inadequacy with the inner voice of appreciation and joy. Show yourself love, stop being too hard on yourself. Love yourself enough to care about what you say to yourself either internally or audibly and how the words make you feel. Remember your subconscious mind is listening and agreeing with whatever you constantly tell it with the emotion you feel.
Take your power of back by recognising and challenging your inner critic, and instead choose to embrace your authentic self with kindness and compassion. By silencing the voice of self criticism, you can tap into your inner strength, build confidence, and resilience, and live a more empowered and fulfilling life.
I wish you the results you desire.
I am Dr Tewa Onasanya and I am living the words I speak.
I mentor/coach entrepreneurs to use their mindset the right way to put structures in place to get the results they desire in their businesses and personal lives. Registration is ongoing for the ELOY Business Shower brought to you by FirstBank. Link below to register
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