Today, I want to talk about doing a Self-audit to build Self awareness and business awareness. As business owners or career professionals, it is very, very important that we do a self-audit of ourselves and of our businesses / careers. I say this because the person you were a month ago, even two weeks ago might be different from the person you are today.
This is why it is important for you to do your self audit, so you understand yourself better, you understand if your principles, values or your goals are still the same. If your goals are still what you would like. Its important to do an audit to see if anything has changed about you or your business, that you now need to modify to be able to achieve your goals. I do a self audit every quarter.
A simple example. A few years ago, I wouldn’t dream of drinking tea without sugar, but now, I have been drinking tea without sugar for the past 5 years. As recently as early last year, I wouldn’t dream of drinking tea with milk, because I’m not a milk person, but at the beginning of this year, I tried almond milk in my tea and liked it, so I have started adding almond milk to my tea. Still no sugar though (lol).
My point is, at every single point in our lives, we are growing because we are human beings and we will change. What you liked yesterday will be or might be different from what you like today, even some of our relationships change over time.
What we did in Exquisite Magazine and the ELOY Awards Foundation years ago have evolved to move with the technology age and embracing the digital economy we are in now. If we didn’t do an audit, we would have been stagnant and irrelevant.
So always do a self audit of your personal and your professional life. Doing this will let you know if you need to change or modify your processes. Self-awareness is key to building a sustainable business and becoming that version of you that is living the life that you desire, with ease.
So I say to you today, take a break from the norm. Go into a quiet space. Get to know yourself a little bit more. Get to know how you are, what you like, how having certain things will make you feel and show up to the world like that version of you. Do a business audit with your team. Know what’s working and what isn’t and modify accordingly.
I hope this inspires someone out there.
Have a lovely day.
I am Dr. Tewa Onasanya and I am living the words I speak.
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