Today, I want to talk about celebrating all wins, be it small or big. As business owners or career professionals, it is very easy to loose sight of the accomplishments that we have been able to make along the way of our personal or professional development journey.
We forget that where we are now, used to be where we prayed about.  We are always focusing on the things we haven’t achieved yet, forgetting that everyday we take a step, is a win.
I want you to focus on the things that you have been able to achieve so far, no matter how small you think it is, and celebrate your win. Smile, pat yourself on the back. Applaud yourself. You are doing your best with what you know.
As an Entrepreneur and Mindset Stylist with over 21 years experience in business, I made an intentional decision to celebrate every win years ago.  The fact that I wake up every day to be able to do what I love, is win. The fact that I’m able to eat more vegetables is a win.The fact that I’m able to finish a proposal, mentor entrepreneurs is a win. Anything I have done to lead me to my goal of living a wholesome life, is a win.
I remember a few weeks ago, I wanted to sell more copies of my book “Convince Yourself First” my first sale was just £20, but I celebrated with a happy dance and told my husband, children, sisters, friends about it. I was so excited, it gave me the confidence that if I can sell 1, I can sell 1000 copies. They were so proud of me. But, one friend asked, “Isn’t £20 a small win?” To which I replied, “Every win, no matter how small, is a reminder that my dream is alive and growing. And that, is worth celebrating!”
So I say to you today, remember, every achievement, no matter how small, is a step closer to your goals. It took you believing in yourself and your products / services to take action in the first place. So, celebrate your wins, and you will stay motivated, inspired, and committed to your success journey!
I am Dr. Tewa Onasanya and I am living the words I speak.
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