Social Etiquette matters a lot, but so does having a good business etiquette.

Professional life has its own set of rules and regulations seen as basic business etiquette. Some are very common that we come across in our everyday life, whereas some are a bit difficult to remember.

Here are a few business etiquette you should familiarize yourself with: 

Greetings matter 

Greeting someone is a basic courtesy. Be polite and kind as it establishes a rapport. Simple words like “How are you,” and even a nod or warm smile is enough to show that you care.


Names are important 

Basic etiquettes demand that we introduce ourselves to people. During the introduction, include your last name with your first name. Some people have a habit of saying either their first or last name, but both names are required. 

Also, remember to pay attention to the name of the other person as well.

Business etiquette

Dress code

One of the first things people notice is your attire, so dress the part, if you are on a formal occasion look formal. most important business etiquette is to follow the dress code and dress appropriately on all occasions. You cannot go to a meeting wearing informal clothes as it will set a bad tone.

Pay attention to your body language 

It’s very important to pay special attention to your body language especially at a formal gathering by standing straight, offering a firm handshake, smiling to show appreciation, and making eye contact during a conversation.

Be polite 

Communication is an important tool in professional life hence the need to be polite. Your words, tone, and expressions should show your politeness. 

Be punctual 

It is fashionable to be late in social settings but in the corporate world, it’s a no-no! Be punctual whenever you are meeting a deadline for a project or a client for a meeting or attending an event if you are looking for important business deals.

Keep your cubicle neat 

Your workstation or cubicle or work desk is like your private home away from home. It is important to keep it organized and clean at all times. 

De-clutter and throw away useless things so that it does not look untidy. 

Lastly, Be mindful of others 

Remember everything is not just about you as other people around you matter.

Be warm and nice to your colleagues, and put them into consideration when making decisions in the office. And also respect everyone.  Do not be the colleague or boss who is insensitive about others. 

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