Wife of Labour party governorship candidate in Anambra – Godwin Agbasimalo, Eucharia Agbasimalo, sits with host of the viral show #WithChude, to discuss her husband’s kidnap, the trauma she faces, the support she received, and keeping hope while waiting for her husband’s return.

“My husband went missing in September.  On the 18th day of September, I learnt he was on his way to a political function somewhere in Ihiala, Anambra. The report I got was that the vehicle he was in was attacked by some armed hoodlums and then he got kidnapped. So, the party, via their spokesperson, the organizing secretary in Anambra, Clement Ojukwu, assured my family that they were in communication with the Kidnappers. So, they came out to say it was a political kidnap, but they were communicating with him. They were campaigning regardless, even though my husband was missing. Right in the middle of it, I waited. The election came and passed. In the midst of that my waiting, I went through all kinds of trauma. I had a miscarriage. I was in the hospital for so long, when I couldn’t hold it anymore, and I started posting on social media, trying to get the attention of the right people. My mother-in-law called me and said, the party has warned that all of the things I’m doing could get my husband killed.”

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Sharing in detail the events after her husband’s kidnap. She said, “The party wanted me to be silent. They were like, “what’s my gain if I keep making noise on social media and calling attention, and they just bring me my dead husband because none of them ever called me.” The organizing secretary didn’t take my calls or return them. He refused to talk to me, and I don’t know why. Then I was able to reach the national party chairman, Barrister Julius Abure, and I spoke to him and asked, ‘What was going on? Where is my husband?’ He said they’ve done what they can at the party level to rescue my husband. He said it ought to be a national issue, and he doesn’t know why they are also silent about it.’ I appealed to him to know how he can help us at the national level, and he said, well, I’m the one who wears the shoe, and I know how it hurts.”

She explained how she moved on to Intelligence Response Team (IRT) in Abuja, and she realised that the party was not in control of the matter as they claimed. “The person who drove my husband that day came back unhurt. When the IRT came to Anambra, the family of man who drove my husband said he has been kidnapped too, and they are looking for me. Some other people came and said the driver was the chief negotiator between my family and the kidnappers. Only for the driver to arrested in Abuja.”

“I was so pained that, ‘Four days before that election in Anambra, you had no idea where your flag bearer was, and you were campaigning so elaborately, claiming and even boosting that you would win the election. Even when I went to the poll on that day, no one including INEC was informed,” she added. She shared further on her meeting with Commissioner of Police who informed her that the party members sent a voice note claiming her husband wasn’t missing, that no-one kidnapped him and he is in Lagos with his wife. This made them think the whole situation was a political stunt to get pitiful vote.”

“My husband is gone just like a chicken, and these people are stirring me in the eye, telling me I can do nothing, and I won’t find justice anywhere,” she said.

Watch the excerpt: https://www.instagram.com/p/C6Nq_vroQSD/


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