Hilarious Sitcom; It’s a crazy world premiere 8pm on Thursday, April 30th on Silverbird Network (STV) Dstv 252, Startimes 109, and GOtv 92/192.


“It’s a crazy world” is a modern-day 30-minute sitcom created by Amanda Ebeye and majorly directed by KC Muel and Amanda Ebeye. It tells the story of a very wealthy man with three women and three kids. It’s a hilarious sitcom that addresses the competition women go through in general trying to outdo themselves and constantly vying for the man’s attention. In this case, these women would use any means available to them, with social media being their number one go-to tool.

The other two women are constantly trying to win the favorite spot which the first wife already occupies as he constantly reminds them that besides pregnancy and the kids from the other women; he’s a man with a one-man-one-woman personality.

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So they try every way they can to win that spot, employing social media tools, the last wife and the kids’ area always on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, living a lie, making their worlds look perfect when it is not.

This sitcom hopes to treat modern-day issues, addressing the pseudo and craziness of social media. It shows how extreme women can be and how far they would go to earn the MRS title.

Check out the trailer below

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