Olamidayo Oladapo is a published author, culinary expert, and philanthropist. Her recent service as a youth corp member in Rivers state, PortHarcourt prompted her to contribute to improving the learning conditions for underprivileged students in the area, specifically the Oroworuko Community Secondary School in Rivers State. Exquisite Magazine asks Olamidayo Oladapo a few questions to get to know her and her cause better.

Exquisite Magazine Gets To Know Olamidayo Oladapo 

You are a multi-faceted lady. From your culinary business to being an author, down to your humanitarian endeavors. What would you say brought about this multifaceted personality or is it all a natural instinct?

Honestly, it’s a gift. The more I opened my heart to counsel, through books, coaching, and mentorship, I really started to evolve, and those gifts showed forth. I am currently learning how to balance.

How did you decide on a library as your project to help the Oroworuko Community Secondary School?

I just knew that I couldn’t serve my country and not make an impact. I did a survey on the needs of my community and it was surprising to find out that a school of

Over 1,000 pupils did not have a library. I have never seen it before, especially as a school In the city. When I got to the school to make enquires about it, I saw a student sitting on the floor and reading because the classes were filled up and there was no convenient space for her to read. That was when I knew I had to do something about it. Establishing a library for the students of Oroworukwo will encourage active reading and concentration.

What greatest testimony would you hope comes out of this venture?

The greatest testimony would be a transformed life as a result of this humanitarian service, knowing that the students would develop a reading culture and capture a vision for the future.

Do you have subsequent plans for expansion or new projects to benefit the community?

I have subsequent plans to replicate this same project in other schools. For this particular school, I would focus on proper orientation and maintenance when the project is done.

What are the greatest challenges faced in your humanitarian cause?

My greatest challenge was starting. It took me 6months before I put my thoughts into fusion. I just didn’t know where to begin, I looked for mentors who had done personal projects in the past and sought their counsel. When I finally started, I also had the challenge of raising funds for the project in such little time. I thank God for the help He sent me, most of the people I told helped in whatever way they could.

Being described as having a passion for women, which women would you say inspire you the most?

I would say the women in their 20s-early 30s. They are young, vibrant, and have a quest for knowledge.

How does your faith play into your endeavors?

My faith plays a major role, if not for the Holy Spirit impressing it in my heart, I don’t think I would have gotten the courage to start in the first place. I didn’t just learn what to do, I learned how to do it, who to meet for counsel, and so on. The support I got from people has been so amazing.

Olamidayo Oladapo

Where did you get the idea for your book ‘Walking in Liberty’?

I just had a burden for people who found it hard to rise after a tragic moment in their lives.

I suffered from emotional pain, from self-esteem, from hormonal imbalance. I just wanted them to know that irrespective of what happened there still is an opportunity to enjoy freedom in Christ Jesus. God delivered me from all these things. I know that if you have faith you can move mountains. So that was the burden that came to my heart. I am glad I obeyed.

What do you hope readers gain from the book?

Deliverance from Limiting mindsets, Freedom to be who God has called them to be.

The early to mid-twenties can be a very trying time for youths. What advice would you give your fellow youth, trying to find their calling/purpose?

It’s simple, Be willing to serve. You find your calling in the place of service. Serve God and humanity.

How can one reach you to support your cause?

my social media handles:

Email: olamidayoelizabeth@gmail.com

Instagram: regal_olamidayo

Facebook: Olamidayo Oladapo




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