Sofekun Olubunmi is a fashion designer and the founder of Bejuin, a brand that tailors to women who aren’t afraid to stand out in a classy, detailed and bold design. Let’s read up on her story!

Tell me about yourself and your brand

My name is Sofekun Olubunmi Motunrayo. I am the founder and creative director of the Bejuin brand. I am a graduate of Computer Science (Technology) from Babcock University. I also hold a Master’s degree in Information Technology (MIT) from the University of Lagos.

The Bejuin brand is a female fashion brand that specializes in creating timeless pieces for the bold, sophisticated and classy woman. Our services include: Bespoke tailoring, bridals and ready-to-wear (RTW)

Sofekun Olubunmi Motunrayo - The Creative Director Of Bejuin 1

How and when did your journey begin?

Growing up, the initial plan was to sketch for brands as a side business while doing a 9-5 in a tech company. During my NYSC, I helped a friend with the conceptualization and design of her bridesmaids’ dresses and it turned out well. It was at that point I knew I was going to do fashion full-time. So after NYSC, I came back to Lagos, I planned to roll out designs and employ people to bring the designs to life, however, that didn’t work out as I thought, then I decided to go to fashion school for a year to learn the technical aspect of design. Four months into fashion school, my sister was graduating and she needed a dinner outfit for herself and her friends, and that was the brand inception.

What’s your signature style?

Classy, detailed, and bold

Sofekun Olubunmi Motunrayo

Who is your ideal target audience?

Women who aren’t afraid to stand out.

What’s been your best moment as a designer?

I would say whenever I get a positive review from a client and a referral too.

What’s been your worst moment as a designer?

The moment that stood out for me as a designer was when I was working on a particular project that required me to make a complex design at a tight deadline.

We started the project, everything was going smoothly till we began to encounter light issues, generator and equipment breakdowns and other issues, everything happened at once, trust me that week was not a funny one. This caused unforeseen delays and made it very difficult to deliver the project on time.

The experience made me go back to the books to come up with a proper working structure and a sustainable fulfilment system for the business.

On a scale of 1-10, what has been your response from customer satisfaction?

8.5. We have mostly gotten positive reviews from clients and referrals. However, we have also received constructive criticisms from clients which we do not take for granted. We take this feedback as an avenue to improve service delivery.

What makes your brand different from others?

Every dress has a story. We don’t just make dresses, we create dresses that make long-lasting memories.

Kindly share tips for staying successful in this business

Consistency and top-notch service delivery are very important.

Customer satisfaction is also an important aspect as well

What advice will you give to startups who have a similar vision as you do?

Keep learning because the learning cycle never ends. Believe in yourself and your capabilities, stay consistent and hand everything over to God.

Sofekun Olubunmi Motunrayo

5 fun facts about you

1. When people see me they have a wrong perception about me but I’m actually a very funny person.

2. I love dancing.

3. You’d never catch me without my sunshades on a sunny day. I love them over-sized

4. I love spicy meals

5. I’m a Jesus Baby. A daughter of the Most High!


Contact details you wish to be made public

Personal IG page: @bunmi__sofek

Business page: @bejuin_

Contact line: 07011667294


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